Content in flavonoids (Galangin) 25 g/L

Technical Features

PLANT STRENGTHENER – Propolis extract

PROPOLIS is a natural extract, containing only the propolis active fraction, made up of vitamins and flavonoids. The extraction technique preserves intact the characteristics of this natural plant strengthener. Thanks to the presence of flavonoids, vitamins, resins, waxes and other natural substances, PROPOLIS stimulates the plants natural defenses. PROPOLIS fosters a prompt healing of the wounds due to pruning or shocks, favors pollination thanks to its attractive action on honeybees, improves post-harvest storage and reduces rots problems.


  • Stimulating properties. Flavonoids stimulation of fundamental metabolic functions, such as respiration.
  • Healing properties. Promotion of trauma and pruning wounds fast healing,
  • Stimulating tissues regeneration and protecting the plant from pathogens attack.
  • Bees attractant, fostering pollination.
  • Increase in resistance during harvest and shelf life in storage, if applied in pre-harvest.
  • Harmless for beneficial insects.


Grape, Pome fruits, Stone fruits, Actinidia, Olive trees, Citrus, Strawberry, Tomato, Lettuce, Vegetables, Flowers and Ornamentals.

Application rates

Rate of application: 150-250 mL/hL.

See the label.


Bottle - 200 ml

Bottle - 1 kg

Can - 5 kg

Can - 25 kg

Type of products Nr. of Registration (Italy)
Organic agricolture - Plant strengthner
CLP Classification Formulation