Organic Substance (w/w of product) 16%

Organic Substance (w/w of dry matter) 70%

Humic Organic substance/Organic substance 93%

Organic Nitrogen (N)/Dry Matter 0,7%

Carbon/Nitrogen (C/N) 50

Technical Features

Humic extracts from leonardite

HUMISOL is a liquid fertilizer containing high amount of pure Humic acids. Due to its energizing action on the plant growth, HUMISOL is preferable if applied together with other fertilizers, such as drip irrigation, liquid or water-soluble standard fertilizers as well as in mixture with micro- and meso-elements.


  • Activation of soil natural fertility
  • Improvement in roots growth
  • Quicker seeds germination
  • Improvement in nutrients absorption and translocation inside plants
  • Improvement in sugars and protein synthesis, increasing yield and its quality.


Actinidia, Citrus, Sugar Beet, Turf and Sport courses, Cereals, Open Field Vegetables, Greenhouse Vegetables, Flowers and Ornamentals, Stone fruits, Alfalfa, Corn, Olive trees, Pome fruits, Tobacco, Grape.

Application rates

Rate of application:

- Foliar: from 50 to 200 g/hL, depends on crops

- Fertirrigation: depends on crops

See the label.


Can - 20 L

Type of products Nr. of Registration (Italy)
Specific-action product
CLP Classification Formulation


Soluble liquid