Biostar N14,5 top


Organic Nitrogen (N) 14,5%

Organic Nitrogen (N) soluble 14,5%

Organic Carbon (C) 49%

Technical Features

ORGANIC NITROGEN FERTILIZER – Hydrolyzed animal skin.

BIOSTAR N14,5 TOP is a water-dispersible powder Organic Nitrogen fertilizer, with high content of amino acids obtained by hydrolysis of selected and premium animal proteins.

Applied by foliar spray, BIOSTAR N14,5 TOP is rapidly and completely assimilated by leaves cuticles. Amino acids and oligopeptides are quickly translocated to the plant most active metabolic organs to produce proteins, enzymes, sugars and phyto-regulators. Thanks to its wetting, sticking and vehicular action, Biostar N14,5 TOP improves foliar treatments efficacy, allowing to reduce pesticides dose.

Applied by fertirrigation, BIOSTAR N14,5 TOP influences positively soil physical and chemical characteristics, providing slow-release organic Nitrogen and high amount of premium organic matter.


  • Uniform vegetative growth and improvement in yield qualitative-quantitative characteristics and its storability.
  • Rapid overpass of vegetative growth shrinking, due to biotic and abiotic stresses (frost, hail, water stresses).
  • Compatibility with most of the foliar and roots fertilizers, enhancing their translocation and penetration inside plants.


Citrus, Cereals, Orchards (Grape, Pome fruits, Stone fruits, Olive, etc.), Industrial Grass crops, Greenhouse flowers, Vegetables, Strawberry, Plums, Cucurbits, Solanaceae.

Application rates

Rate of application:

  • Foliar: from 0,2 to 2 kg/ha, depends on crops;
  • Fertirrigation: from 2 to 3,5 kg/ha, depends on crops.

See the label.


Bag - 1 kg

Bag - 5 kg

Bag - 10 kg

Bag - 20 kg

Type of products Nr. of Registration (Italy)
Organic agricolture - Fertilizer
CLP Classification Formulation


Water-soluble powder

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