Antischiuma Green


Mixed Silicones 23%

Technical Features

Antifoaming Agent.

Antischiuma Green is a silicon anti-foaming agent, useful to block bubble formation in solutions, dispersions or water emulsion during the preparation of every liquid product applied in Agriculture.

Thanks to the high surface air-liquid activity, the product is able, via a physical process, to reduce the surface tension, breaking the bubbles that form foam. Thus, inconveniences created by tumultuous pouring and long timing for solution preparation are reduced. Furthermore, surfactant and deaeration activities improve the distribution of the products in water solutions and the wetting uniformity on the leaves, increasing their efficacy.

Antischiuma Green should be applied preferably before the solution preparation (preventive use) or directly on the foam in the tank (knock-down use). 
Antischiuma Green is able to interact chemically with the water molecules, modifying the bonds that cause foam. It can mix with the most common pesticides.


  • Foam problems in the tank prevention and/or solution.



Application rates

Rate of application:

- Preventive effect: 10 mL / 1.000 L

- Knock-down effect: 15 mL / 1.000 L

See the label.


Bottle - 150 mL

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Antischiuma Green

Antischiuma Green

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