Green Trap - Tomato leafminer


Delta trap

Sticky panel

Pheromone dispencer for Tuta absoluta (Tomato leafminer)

Technical Features

GREEN TRAP is a white PET Delta trap, resistant to adverse climatic conditions, equipped with front and back openings. 
A flap inside the trap allows an easy position and substitution of the pheromone dispensers, avoiding contact with the sticky floor. The pheromone dispenser is specific for each target pest and permits a long- release over time, even in case of climate changes, as humidity and temperature. 


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Organic Farming demand an accurate and careful look at pest populations development, in order to efficiently optimize the application of Plant Protection Products on the crops and other control techniques. 

Semiochemical substances are chemical substances, released by the organism, enabling the exchange of information with other organisms. 

Pheromones are semiochemical substances produced and released by organisms from the same species to communicate. Pheromones can be divided into 3 categories: aggregation, dispersal and sex pheromones. Synthetic pheromones release in the environment enables to mask natural pheromones, changing the male adults behavior. 

Mating Disruption technique is based on releasing a certain amount of syntethic pheromones in the Environment, confusing the insects and capturing them. This is the result of:

  • False trails - Insects can’t distinguish between natural and chemical pheromones, thus being attracted by the traps;
  • Sensorial inhibition - loss of ability by male insects to locate females;
  • Disguise of natural pheromones tracks.

These effects lead to:
-    Reduction in total number of couplings (sensorial inhibition);
-    Delay in mating, leading to a reduction in female fertility. 

Capture of Target Pests adults in a sticky trap equipped with the species specific pheromones dispenser. Either the number of insects captured in a week or passing specific thresholds are the correct parameters for an efficient Pest Management.

Tomato leafminer
(Tuta absoluta)
At transplanting 2-3 traps/ha 30 adults/trap/week

1 Timing refers to the typical South European Pest Development
2 Number of adults per trap before using PPPs.



Application rates

Monitoring: 2-3 traps/ha


AG KIT (3 Delta traps, 3 sticky panels, 3 dispensers)

AG KIT PLUS (3 Delta traps, 9 sticky panels, 9 dispensers)

H&G KIT (1 Delta trap, 1 sticky panel, 1 dispenser)

RECHARGE KIT (3 dispensers)

Type of products Nr. of Registration (Italy)
Organic agricolture - Pheromone's traps
CLP Classification Formulation


Tuta absoluta

Tuta absoluta