Rattus Tab


Adhesive tablet 19x28 cm, with food attractant

Technical Features

Adhesive trap for mice and rats, even large ones.

They are adhesive, ecological, ready-to-use tablets for catching mice. Non-toxic, disposable, consisting of a rigid wooden support difficult to move even by large mice and covered with a uniform layer of glue formulated to maintain its effectiveness over time and at low temperatures. The glue has a food base, hazelnut aroma, pleasing to mice in order to improve the effectiveness of the trap. Adhesive tablets can also be used to catch crawling insects.



Internal and external domestic environment, such as: mezzanines, warehouses, cellars, garages, workshops, along the perimeters of the rooms to be disinfected and along the usual routes of the rodent, close to the walls

Application rates

Separate the two tablets and place them, with the adhesive side facing upwards, in the points of passage of the rats and mice (presence of excrements, footprints, etc.). Place the tablets at a distance of 5-10 meters from each other.


Adhesive tablets - 2 pcs

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Adhesive tablets