Iron Green 31


Iron (Fe) soluble in water 31%

Technical Features

EC FERTILIZER - Iron salt (sulphate)

IRON GREEN 31 is a microgranular fertilizer, with high content of Iron, suitable for every crop to prevent and/or cure Iron-deficiencies, which are characterized by leaves yellowing. Thanks to its preventive action, Iron Green 31 should be applied along with the soil preparation, then continue applying regularly, especially on Grape, Citrus and Orchards, which are the crops most affected by Iron-deficiencies. It creates an extraordinary green color in the turf and brightens flowers colors.

Thanks to its acid pH, IRON GREEN 31 is particularly suitable for alkaline soils, rich in lime, where it improves nutrients absorption. Finally, it effectively contrasts musk formation, creating an unwelcome environment for its development.

In few hours, IRON GREEN 31 enhances plants color, avoiding all the typical contra-indications of Nitrogen application, such as diseases, turf over-growth and reduced resistance to drought.


Turf, Flowersbeds, Green areas, Grape, Orchards, Soil preparation.

Application rates

Rate of application:

  • Turf, Flowersbeds and green areas: 30-50 g/m2
  • Grape, Orchards: 0,4-0,8 kg/tree
  • Soil preparation: 50-100 g/m3 of peat

See the label.


Spreader Jar - 1 kg

Bucket - 5 kg

Type of products Nr. of Registration (Italy)
Organic agricolture - EC Fertilizer
CLP Classification Formulation

Warning: H302 - 315 - H319

Iron Green 31

Iron Green 31